Reading: The Maleku Tribe

Today, we are going to learn more about the Maleku Tribe through a reading and some exercises.

Pre-Reading Exercise #1

Find all ten words as you try to think about what they mean

Pre-Reading Exercise #2

What do these phrases mean?

#1Indigenous Tribe
#2Nicaraguan Border
#3Different Communities
#4 Traditional Diet
#5Original Art
#6Tropical Forest
#7Tourism and Sales

Pre-Reading Exercise #3

Reading: The Maleku Tribe

The Maleku are an indigenous tribe living in Costa Rica in an area called Guatuso, a place located between the Arenal Volcano and the Nicaraguan border.

The Maleku Indian Tribe is the smallest in Costa Rica with only 650 people left! They divide themselves into three different clans or communities: Palenque MargaritaEl Sol, and Palenque Tonjibe.

The Maleku speak Spanish as their first language but many of the elders also speak the Maleku language.  

Reforestation is an important part of the Maleku culture and important to the Costa Rican people as well.

Their traditional diet consist of various plants and animals from the tropical forests. Animal sources include a wide variety of fish, and turtles, from the Rio Frio, Rio Sol, and Caño Negro.

The Maleku economy relies mostly on tourism and the sales of their very original art. 


Complete these statements with the information from the given above

#1The Malekus live in…
#2The Maleku tribe speak…
#3The Maleku people eat …
#4The Maleku people sell…
#5 The Maleku people grow…
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