Reading Task: WordPress Database Issues

Read the dialogue in pairs, one of you is Michael Johnson and the other is Tech Support

Michael Johnson: Hello?

Tech Support: Hi there, this is John from WordPress tech support. I heard you’re having some issues with your WordPress database. How can I assist you today?

Michael Johnson: Oh, hi John. Yes, I’ve been experiencing some trouble with my WordPress database. I’m not sure what happened, but my site keeps crashing.

Tech Support: I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Let’s see if we can get things sorted out. First, let’s make sure your database is not corrupted. Go to your WordPress dashboard and install a plugin called “DBManager.”

Michael Johnson: Alright, I’ve installed the plugin. What should I do next?

Tech Support: Great! Now, navigate to the “DBManager” section in your dashboard and click on “DB Options.” You’ll find a button labeled “Repair DB.” Click on it, and the plugin will automatically scan and repair your database for any issues.

Michael Johnson: I’ve clicked the “Repair DB” button.

Tech Support: Perfect! The repair process might take a few minutes. If you’re still experiencing problems, we’ll try something else.

Michael Johnson: The repair process has been completed, but unfortunately, some pages are still not working correctly.

Tech Support: Don’t worry. Next, we’ll try optimizing your database to improve its performance. From the same “DB Options” page, find the “Optimize DB” button, and click on it.

Michael Johnson: Alright, I’ve clicked the “Optimize DB” button. It’s running now.

Tech Support: Good! Database optimization will help clean up unnecessary data and make your site run faster. Once it’s done, refresh your website and see if the issues have been resolved.

Michael Johnson: Wow, that made a significant difference! My site is working much smoother now, but I still noticed some glitches on specific posts.

Tech Support: Alright, let’s dig a bit deeper. It’s possible that there might be a conflict with one of your plugins or themes. To check this, I want you to temporarily deactivate all your plugins.

Michael Johnson: Alright, I’ve deactivated all the plugins. What should I do now?

Tech Support: Now, check if the issues are resolved.

Michael Johnson: It seems that the problem is solved now.

Tech Support: If everything seems to be working fine, you can reactivate the plugins one by one to identify the problematic one.

Michael Johnson: I’ll try and see if I can identify the culprit and replace it.

Tech Support: Excellent! If you encounter any more issues or need further assistance, feel free to give us another call.

Michael Johnson: Thank you so much, John.

Tech Support: You’re welcome

Michael Johnson: You too, John. Goodbye!

Table of Contents

Task #1

What do these sentences refer to:

  1. It is a problem or matter that requires attention or resolution:________________
  2. The sudden failure or breakdown of a computer system, software, or application:_____________
  3. It refers to data that has been damaged, altered, or rendered unusable:__________________
  4. It is a software component or extension that adds specific functionality:_________________
  5. It refers to the process of analyzing a computer system to identify any potential issues:__________________
  6. It means to fix, mend, or restore something that is damaged, or broken:____________________
  7. It means to improve or enhance a system, program, or process:__________________________
  8. It refers to the execution or operation of a program, application, or process:__________________
  9. It is specific software that is responsible for causing a malfunction or problem:__________________
  10. It means help, support, or aid provided to someone:_____________________

Task #2

Write a different expression to convey these ideas

#1I heard you’re having some issues?
#2How can I assist you today?
#3I’ve been experiencing some trouble with
#4I’m sorry to hear that
#5What should I do next?
#6If you’re still experiencing problems, we’ll try something else.
#7My site is working much smoother now
#8If you encounter any more issues
#9Feel Free to give us another call
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