Reading: Cyber Security Case [Inferring Meaning]

Check this vocabulary before reading the passage

RenownedPop up
SuddenlyFurther Investigation
Login AttemptsPattern


Alex is working as a cybersecurity analyst for a renowned financial institution. It’s a Monday morning, and as usual, Alex begins their day by checking the security logs and monitoring systems for any suspicious activity. Suddenly, an alert pops up on the screen indicating a potential breach attempt on the company’s network.

Upon further investigation, Alex notices multiple failed login attempts from an unknown IP address trying to access a critical database server. The login attempts seem to follow a pattern, targeting specific user accounts with administrative privileges.

As Alex delves deeper into the logs, they discover that the attempted breach is originating from a country where the company doesn’t have any legitimate users or business operations. Additionally, the timestamps of the login attempts indicate that the suspicious activity occurred during the weekend when the office is closed.


Answer these two questions and be prepared to share your points of view with a partner

  • What are some inferences that you can make based on these observations?
  • What are some likely actions that Alex and his team will take?
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