Reading: Cyber Security Call

Before the reading, check what these words mean

Joseph SpeakingAssist
Brute Force AttackDown
Firewall RuleCan you provide me with?
Domain nameSpell?
Where are you based on?User Agent
WhitelistRight now
Anything ElseAmazing

  • Security Agent: Tech Genius, Joseph speaking, How can I assist you today?
  • Caller: Hi Joseph, I am Liza, My site is being brute-force attacked, my server is down.

  • Security Agent: I am really sorry, we can write a firewall rule to reduce the attacks to zero.
  • Caller: That sounds like a good idea

  • Security Agent: Can you provide me with your client ID?
  • Caller: My Client ID is 45869

  • Security Agent: Can you provide me with the name of the website?
  • Caller: My domain name is

  • Security Agent: I am sorry, Can you spell that for me?
  • Caller: Yes, it is A.C.U.S.E.T.A.S

  • Security Agent: Where are you based on?
  • Caller: Costa Rica

  • Security Agent: What User Agent should we whitelist?
  • Caller: Whitelist “Faceless Man”
  • Security Agent: Can you repeat that again?
  • Caller: “Faceless Man”

  • Security Agent: What ASN should we whitelist?
  • Caller: Whitelist “”

  • Security Agent: Done, the brute force attacks will stop right now
  • Caller: Amazing

  • Security Agent: Anything else I can help you with?
  • Caller: No, Thank you very much for your help

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