Writing an Ethical Case

Read this ethical case and think about what you would do if a friend went through a similar situation.

Linda is a business accountant in a national company, her boss is Jim. Linda is engaged so she is not dating anymore. Jim knows that but he insists is asking her out every Friday night.

Linda doesn’t what to do with the constant harassment.

What would you do if you or someone you work with were going through something similar?

Table of Contents

Ethical Cases

These are some ethical cases written by students

This is Ethical case #1

Tefa is a systems engineer at Injacom, her boss is Luis. Tefa is married so she doesn’t date anyone else. Their boss knows it, but he insists they go out for a drink.

Tracy and Esmeralda

This is Ethical case #2

Mario studies business administration, He is the nephew of the boss from a national company. when mario finishes college, He will work in that company.


This is Ethical case #3

Juan is a patient at the Dr. Enrique Baltodano Briceño hospital, Dr. Carlos treated Juan, Carlos shared Juan’s personal medical information with other patients and Juan got very angry.

Noilyn and Johansel

This is Ethical case #4

Juan is an administrative assistant in an international company, his boss is John.
His working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and he has not allowed to check his social media but he always checks them every day. His boss John has been watching him and he is considering firing him.

Emily and Jazmine

This is Ethical case #5

Raheem made a resume for an IT position. He sent it to a national company but he was rejected because his skin color was very black

Hansel and Daniel

This is Ethical case #6

Carlos is a new Mexican employer in an American company, he feels that although he has the same job as his coworker, he does not receive the same salary as them.

Jose Mata

This is Ethical case #7

Alicia’s store is working on a new product, her employees know that something is wrong. Their machines is making a lot of smoke but nobody want to fix them

Andrey and Juergen

This is Ethical case #8

Pablo worked in the McDonald’s Company. He was fired because he gave information to Burger King. Pablo is irresponsible and unprofessional for giving information to any other third parties.


This is Ethical case #9

José was hired because he was the nephew of the manager of the company, on the recommendation of his uncle. José is absent from work because he is the manager’s nephew. José takes advantage of the fact that he is the manager’s nephew to leave early.

Adriel and Juan Pablo

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