How to Write Body Paragraphs

Check this vocabulary before reading the body paragraphs

There would be
Could be
Might be
There are


What would happen to humanity if everyone was vegan? 

1% of the world’s population is vegan. Therefore, the total number of vegans in the world in 2022 is approx 8.0 million. The data shows that the number of vegans continues to rise at an accelerated rate. 

My research shows not only the advantages and disadvantages of everyone becoming vegan right now but how such action would lead to chaos


I would like to start talking about the advantages of the whole world becoming vegan.

People claim that there would be a reduction in carbon emissions, grasslands and forests could be restored and dedicated to environmentally friendly activities,

Lots of water would be saved and diseases and illnesses related to eating meat in excess would drop.


Today there are many people who make a living out of working in the meat industry, all their jobs would be lost and their main source of income would be gone.

Some of the lands and grasslands might be used for worse purposes, people would start building things where animals used to live.

We also have to consider that we would have to replace animal by-products with alternatives.


If the entire humanity was vegan tomorrow, there would be contraband of meat products as we see now with illegal products.

Some people might conclude that governments are violating their liberties and that would lead to protests all over the world.

There would be a division in society, some people would be in favor of banning meat and others would be against it and that would cause constant fights

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