Reading: Working for Cloudways

Today we are going to learn more about working for an international company.

These are some words that you should check out before doing the exercise.

Customer SupportSite speed
Flexible TimingsRemote locations
DepartmentComputer Science

Now that you know those, you can do the following exercise

What’s Cloudways?

Cloudways is a very popular web hosting company. Cloudways has different plans that you can use to host small or big sites.

Cloudways relies upon different top cloud hosting providers infrastructure

Learn more about Careers at Cloudways by visiting: Careers at Cloudways

Working for Cloudways Text

Read the following text about Joshua’s Job in SiteGround

My name is Derek (1) and I work for Cloudways (2). Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform (3).

I work in the customer support department (4) and I am a customer support manager (5).

I help people with site speed problems and security issues (6)

I work from Monday to Friday with flexible timings (7) The Cloudways offices are located in Malta, Pakistan and Spain (8)

I work from Remote locations (9) I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science (10)

Working for Cloudways Exercise

Each sentence has a number at the end of it so write the number of the statement that answers the question.

How did it go?

Remember that you can try again.

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