Tips for Writing an Outline

These are the steps to write an outline

  • Identify thesis statement.
  • Find the three possible subtopics within the thesis statement.
  • Decide what points you would like to discuss for each subtopic
  • Put your points in logical, numerical order.
  • Write possible transitions between paragraphs.


Advantages of everyone adopting a vegan diet

  • Reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Grasslands and Forests could be restored.
  • Fewer animals like wolves would be killed.
  • More water would be saved.
  • Global Mortality rates would drop.

Disadvantages of everyone adopting a vegan diet

  • Many jobs would be lost.
  • Lands would be used for worst practices.
  • Other animal products would also need to be replaced.
  • Some animals would be abandoned and victims of predators.

Problems that adopting a vegan diet would bring

  • There would be contraband of different types of meat.
  • Society would probably divide.
  • Many people would consider this a violation of their liberties.
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