Tips For Entrepreneurs 01

Let’s learn about the best tips for entrepreneurs by Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec

Table of Contents

Task #1

Sink Catch
FindUp front

Task #2

Read these sentences and make sure you understand them

  • You are not gonna sleep a lot
  • Look for a problem
  • Find a problem, solve it
  • People are deathly afraid of rejection
  • Get the truth
  • It is good to dream
  • It is good to want to be big
  • Narrow your field of focus
  • Don’t try to do 20 things
  • Be great at one thing
  • Move quickly
  • You are responsible for everything
  • You gotta go fast baby

Task #2

Drag the words to the correct space to complete the expressions, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, these will help you get ready some tasks you have ahead


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