Exercise 002: The Best 3 Streaming Services

Read the presentation and answer the questions below


Hello Today I have an interesting topic, I am going to talk about apps to watch movies.

The best apps to watch movies and shows online are: Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime

Paragraph 1

Netflix is one of the most popular apps to watch movies and shows. Netflix has different prices. The most expensive plan is $15.99. You can watch show such as BoJack Horseman, Stranger things and others. You can use Netflix on your android and apple devices.

Paragraph 2

Disney plus is another app to watch movies and shows. Disney plus is cheaper than Netflix. Disney Plus is $6.99, You can watch shows such as the Mandalorian and Wanda Vision. You can use with chromecast and on your android and apple devices.

Paragraph 3

Amazon Prime Video is not that popular and it is the cheapest. It cost $5.99. You can watch Mozart in the Jungle, Jack Ryan and others. You can watch many popular movies and TV Shows


I think that the best platform to watch movies is Netflix but if you like Marvel and Disney movies and TV shows, you should consider Disney Plus. Amazon Prime is not so popular. Try all of them for a month and decide for yourself.



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