Taboo Topics in the USA

José Manuel

What do these words mean?


Taboo Topics in the USA

In the United States, there are certain topics that are considered taboo in the workplace. These include sensitive issues such as politics, religion, and personal finances. These topics can easily lead to heated debates and can cause tension among coworkers. Additionally, discussing these topics can also make some employees feel uncomfortable or even discriminated against.

Another topic to avoid in the workplace is gossip and rumors. Spreading rumors or engaging in gossip can damage relationships and create a toxic work environment. It can also lead to mistrust among coworkers and can negatively impact productivity.

Additionally, it is important to avoid discussing sensitive personal information about yourself or other employees. This can include details about one’s mental or physical health, personal relationships, or financial situation. Sharing this information can be a violation of privacy and can lead to uncomfortable situations for all involved.

Complete these Ideas

Complete these ideas with information from the previous reading

  1. You should avoid spreading __________ and ____________.
  2. Taboo Topics can cause_______________ and ____________.
  3. Topics such as ___________ and __________ are considered Taboo.
  4. You should discuss sensitive personal information such as______________ and _____________
  5. Rumors and Gossip can ________________ and _______________

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