Speaking Task 501


Dear students

In this task, you will use idioms as part of a conversation or a presentation

The main objective of this task is to create a dialogue or presentation about food technology using at least five idioms.

First step

You gotta take a situation from work that food technologists are likely to face.

The situation has to be about:

  • Selection
  • Preservation
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Use of Safe Food

The topics above are core concepts within the food technology definition.

You can choose one or more topics if you need to.

Second Step

You gotta choose five idioms from the following list:

Choose five idioms you feel comfortable with, idioms that fit well into your dialogue or presentation.

Third Step

Create your dialogue on google docs and share it with [email protected]:

Make sure:

  • It is a food technology topic
  • Your grammar is on point
  • Your spelling is on point

I recommend using Grammarly to check for obvious vocabulary and grammar problems

Fourth Step

The next step requires that you record yourselves doing the presentation or having the conversation.


  1. Double check the pronunciation
  2. Clear your pronunciation doubts using the Cambridge Online Dictionary
  3. Test your recording setup.
  4. When you feel confident enough, record yourself /yourselves
  5. Face the camera at all times
  6. Check if the recording meets the technical expectations
  7. Upload it to your Google Drive and share it to [email protected]

Very Important

These are some important aspects that you should take into consideration

  1. The recording has to be submitted before 10:00 PM.
  2. If troubles arise, communicate these as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t delete your video from your account.
  4. Justifications are necessary to do this task on another day and the work might slightly change.
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