Speaking Practice: IT Friends Talking

AWhat’s your personal phone number?
BMy phone number is 53-53-47-89
ACan you repeat that again please?
BYes, it is 53-53-47-89
AWhat do you do?
BI am a developer
AAre you working today?
BYes, I am working from 8 to 5 today
AWhat are you doing?
BI am fixing some server issues
ADid you finish your other project?
BYes, I did. I stayed up late last night
ACan you manage servers?
BYes, I do that all the time
ACan you write programs in PHP and HTML?
BYes, I have experience on that
AWhat department do you work for?
BI work for the support department
AThat’s awesome
BKinsta is an awesome company
AI gotta go, I will call you later
BTalk to you later

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