Sentences about Abilities in English

José Manuel

Use these sentences to answer the questions asked by your classmate

AI can ride a bike
BI didn’t know how to swim when I was 18
CI know basic French expressions and Phrases
DI could probably finish a Marathon but I am not sure
EI am not a good writer
FI am not much of a dancer
GI don’t know how to play any instruments
HI can write basic formulas in Excell
II can write basic HTML and CSS
JI am good at Math
KI don’t know how to bake anything
LI can drive an Automatic Car
MI could speak basic English when I was in High school
NI learned how to drive in my 30s
OI had no idea what trigonometry is

I am José Manuel and I am an English Teacher in Costa Rica who loves English. I have been teaching English for more than 8 years and I like sharing what I know with others