Reading Task: Web Design Conversation [Opinions at Work]

Step #1: What do these words mean in the context they are being used?

Other WordsVerbs
BrandTo join
StandpointTo put together
FeasibleTo Focus
FeedbackTo Come up with
ConcernsTo Bring Something up
StackTo Stand out
Research To Set up
LibraryTo go over

Step #2: What do these expressions mean?

#1Thanks for joining us today.
#2We’re here to discuss…
#3We should focus on…
#4Sounds good to me.
#5I like what I see so far.
#6Do you have any concerns about…
#7Right away.
#8We’re on the same page
#9I’m excited to…
#10Do you have any other feedback?

Step #3: Read the dialogue and understand it

Participants: Anna (web designer), Ben (project manager), Chris (developer), and David (client).

Ben: Alright everyone, let’s get started. Thanks for joining us today. As you all know, we’re here to discuss the web design for David’s new project. Anna, do you want to start us off?

Anna: Sure. David, I’ve put together some initial designs for the website based on the project requirements you provided. I think we should focus on creating a clean and modern design that reflects your brand’s values.

David: Sounds good to me. Can you show us what you’ve come up with?

Anna: Of course. (Anna shares her screen and walks through the designs.) As you can see, I’ve used a lot of white space and clean lines to give the site a modern and minimalist feel. I’ve also incorporated your brand’s colors and fonts throughout the design.

David: I like what I see so far. Chris, do you have any concerns about the design from a development standpoint?

Chris: Not really. I think the design is very clean and should be easy to develop. However, I have a question about the animation on the homepage. How will that work with our current stack?

Anna: I’m glad you brought that up, Chris. I’ve already done some research and found a library that should work well with our stack. I’ll share this with you via email soon.

Ben: That’s great to hear. David, do you have any other feedback or concerns about the design?

David: Actually, yes. I noticed that the navigation bar is a bit hard to read. Can we try using a different font or color to make it stand out more?

Anna: Absolutely, I’ll make that change right away.

Ben: Alright, I think we’re in good shape. Anna, when do you think you’ll be able to finalize the designs?

Anna: I should be able to finish up by the end of the week, assuming there aren’t any major changes.

Ben: Great. Chris, can you work with Anna to make sure the design is feasible for development?

Chris: Of course. I’ll set up some time to go over the designs with her and make sure we’re on the same page.

David: Thank you, everyone. I’m excited to see the final product.

Step #4: Make a summary of the actions everyone will do or the agreements during the conversation.

Use these prompts or other prompts:

  • Chris will…
  • David will…
  • Anna will
  • Ben will…
  • Chris thinks…
  • David thinks…
  • Anna thinks…
  • Ben thinks…
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