Reading Task: Self -Taught vs C.S Degree

Check this list of words before reading the text with a partner

DegreeTo notice
Pick upKnowledge
To Lackknowledgeable
To HireDude

Joan: Hey Kimberly, We need another junior back-end developer. What do you think about self-taught programmers versus those with a degree in programming?

Kimberly: Oh, that’s an interesting topic, What’s on your mind?

Joan: Well, I’ve noticed that self-taught programmers are incredibly talented and can pick up new technologies quickly. They have a lot of practical knowledge and experience.

Kimberly: But I think they might miss out on formal training in algorithms, data structures, and other fundamental concepts.

Joan: I disagree. I think that programmers with a degree lack the practical skills and experience that come with real-world projects.

Kimberly: That’s true but a degree can make you more knowledgeable.

Joan: Something I admire about self-taught programmers is their passion for learning. So should we hire a self-taught programmer or some dude or chick with a degree?

Kimberly: I don’t value skills and experience over formal degrees.

Joan: I do. I don’t want to train someone new.

Kimberly: Let’s ask Mike what he thinks about. Whatever side he takes, we should agree with him.

Reading Comprehension Exercise

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