Reading Task: IT Professionals [Third Person Singular]

Read the text and pay attention to all verbs highlighted in red

Then answer the questions

Finally, quiz a classmate

Liza Miller is a highly skilled cybersecurity specialist. She protects the organization’s digital assets and information systems from potential threats, attacks, and breaches.

Liza implements access control policies and security measures to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data.

She also monitors networks, databases, and systems for suspicious activities, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and investigates security incidents.

Jonathan Lee is a skilled database manager who oversees the design, development, and maintenance of databases within the organization.

He works to ensure data integrity and availability. Jonathan creates and optimizes database structures, manages access controls, and implements measures to prevent unauthorized access.

He regularly backs up data to prevent data loss. In case of breaches or suspicious activities, Jonathan investigates and reports incidents and takes necessary actions to clean and protect the database from potential threats.

He also executes queries and monitors database performance to optimize efficiency

Michael Johnson is a talented web designer responsible for creating visually appealing and functional websites.

He uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design the layout, style, and interactive elements of web pages.

He also integrates content and media into web pages, such as creating a table of contents, implementing mega menus, and designing headers and footers.

Michael optimizes web pages for performance, SEO, and user accessibility. He continuously tests and improves the site’s design, user interface, and user experience to attract and retain traffic.

Table of Contents


Answer the following questions

  1. What do Liza, Jonathan, and Michael do?
  2. What are some of the responsibilities of Liza as a cybersecurity specialist?
  3. What are Jonathan’s main responsibilities as a database manager?
  4. How does Jonathan prevent data loss in the organization’s databases?
  5. What actions does Jonathan take in response to breaches or suspicious activities in the database?
  6. What technologies does Michael use in his role as a web designer?
  7. What aspects of web pages does Michael optimize?
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