Reading: Business Conferences

These are five conferences that will take place next month

If you had a chance to attend two for free, which ones would you pick?

Give me a reason why you would choose those two events

Integrated Business Growth & Development

The business plan, strategic plan and marketing plan are just the beginning as you learn new ways to generate income, market to your customers, and create TOMA.

Watch your profits grow when you become a small business expert, continually improving and expanding from the moment you open your doors to the day you sell your business

Social Selling

Maximize the potential of social media. Use proven methods and tools, such as testimonials, audience targeting, messenger bots, websites, storytelling, freemiums, outsourcing, case studies, and advertising, to increase not only your network but also your profits.

Business & Velocity Banking

Take the most successful method of managing finances, Velocity Banking, and learn how to apply it in the business world, in new and different ways.

Learn about private bankers and wealth managers, along with the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Get the real secret of specially designed life insurance contracts and learn how to tie them to your business for real, long-term success.

Business Automation

Automate your business so it works for you and not the other way around. Learn how to create system processes and define how each task should be handled.

Utilize and master powerful automation software to organize your customers, connect with them without being directly involved, and still give them personalized, tailored information.

Your Champion Life

Master yourself, your mind, your body and your life. Travel through the scarcity mentality, past average to get to abundance, which is where you need to be to break the cycle of mediocrity.

Control your willpower and utilize a program to change your mindset and create a lifestyle that you can maintain, then help others as they begin to climb.

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