Reading: Successful Professionals

Read the following information

LizaI am a Science teacher and I work in a high school in Santa Cruz. I teach Chemistry and Biology
Ibai LlanosI am a streamer on Twitch and I also make videos for YouTube. I am from Spain. I know many famous people
Jordi WildI have a podcast and I make videos for the Rincon de Giorgio on YouTube.  I am very popular
RyanI am a police officer and I work for the California City Police Department. My job is very dangerous.
DerekI have an exciting job, I am an expert in Cyber Security. I stop hackers all the time
LindaI work for the red cross, I help people in emergencies. My job could be dangerous sometimes
KellyI am a flight attendant, I travel around the world. I speak four languages
JennyI am an interpreter, I speak six languages. I work for the United Nations
DennisI am a  professional boxer, I fight in Las Vegas. I live in Mexico City
JosephI am a programmer, I know three programming languages including Python

Answer these Questions

  1. What does Liza do?
  2. Where does Liza work?
  3. What does IBai do?
  4. Where is Ibai from?
  5. What’s Ryan’s job like?
  6. What does Derek do?
  7. How many languages does Kelly speak?
  8. How many languages does Jenny speak?
  9. What does Dennis do?
  10. What programming language does Joseph know?

Table of Contents

Reading Task #2

What have these people been doing with their lives?

ZeekI have been learning English for the two years and I want to learn Japanese
JohnI have been trying to lose weight so I exercise every day
SergioI have been traveling around the world, Paris is my next destination. 
Joseph I have been learning programming. I know Python and other programming languages
LindaI have been learning English with Zeek. We are reading comic books in English
CasseyI think I will be saving money for university this week. I want to study accounting 
Paul I will be studying Math this month. Math tests are really hard 
Gabriel I will be selling interesting books on Amazon, It is really easy to make money online
HillaryI will be traveling with Sergio to more places. I want to visit Sweden
AndersonI will be sticking to my goals, I will start my major next week. I will study History
KellyI want to make more friends in the marketing space. I will study marketing and publicity

Answer these questions

  1. What languages is Zeek Learning?
  2. What’s John doing every day?
  3. What place is Sergio going to visit next?
  4. What programming language does Joseph know?
  5. What is Linda doing to learn English?
  6. Why is Cassey trying to save money?
  7. What is Paul preparing for?
  8. How is Gabriel making money?
  9. What place does Hillary want to visit?
  10. What is Anderson planning to study?
  11. What is Kelly planning to study?
Manuel Campos, English Professor

José Manuel

I am José Manuel and I am an English Teacher in Costa Rica who loves English. I have been teaching English for more than 8 years and I like sharing what I know with others