Reading: Professionals Needed


Lectura en Inglés: Professionals Needed

AHello, Welcome to Flywheel, My name is Sasha
BHello, My name is Ryan
AWe are looking for professionals in server management
BI have a lot of experience on managing my own servers
AWe are looking for a leader, do you consider yourself a leader?
BI have worked alone these past three years
AAre you good at providing customer support?
BI am a really patient person and confident in my skills
AHow well do you do under stressing situations?
BI am really good at solving problems , I can handle situations very well
ACan you work in teams?
BI can share what I know with others and I am open to learning new thing at Flywheel
AAre you organized?
BI don’t think so but I will do my best sinceI really wanna work here
AThanks for coming, I´ll be in touch
BThanks for your time


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