Writing Task: Present Perfect and Applications

Read the following sentences

#1I have never played Clash of Clans
#2I have never played AmongUs
#3I have never bought games from the Play Store
#4I have never played Minecraft
#5 I have never downloaded a Video From Youtube
#6I have watched Streams on Twitch
#7I have never watched a stream on Twitch
#8I have uploaded videos on YouTube
#9I have never created an Instagram account
#10I have never had an Iphone
#11I have never created Tik Tok Videos

Answer these questions using short sentences

  1. Have you ever spend money on video games?
  2. Have you ever used Tinder?
  3. Have you ever lost your phone?
  4. Have you ever watched a movie in a pirate site?
  5. Have you ever downloaded software from illegal websites?
  6. Have you ever created a Twitch account?
  7. Have you ever blocked somebody on Facebook?

Complete the sentences with ideas about technology

  1. I have never spent_____________________
  2. I have never changed __________________
  3. I have never deleted___________________
  4. I have never paid _____________________
  5. I have followed_______________________
  6. I have never lost _____________________
  7. I have read ___________________________
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