Speaking: Opinions about Business Ideas

In this oral task, you will express your opinion about a wide variety of business ideas.


  • I think that starting a podcast on YouTube is a great idea to let everybody know about our brand.
  • I think that becoming a photographer can help you meet different people around Costa Rica

Now let’s check the task

Table of Contents


Read these business ideas and think about them then choose best three start up ideas

Buying stocks in the marketBuying and Selling Crypto
Creating an app for Taxi DriversCreating a local social network
Opening a gym Opening a fast food restaurant
Becoming a personal trainerBecoming a photographer
Opening an online store Selling properties online
Teaching Finance on YouTubeMaking videos about Costa Rica on YouTube
Starting a dropshipping businessStarting an online course
Starting a podcastStarting a social media agency
Getting Fiverr GigsGetting Upwork Gigs

Think about these questions and be ready to share your opinion about them

  • What are the best three business ideas from the options?
  • Why are you inclined to those three?
Manuel Campos, English Professor

José Manuel

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