Exercise 005: My Educational BackGround

The objective of this is to help students become familiar with the correct grammar structures to talk about their educational background and make their own sentences

Read the first two sentences and make sure that you understand them and then think about a sentence which is true for yourself

Be ready to express those ideas with your classmates

I know how to…

  1. I know how to create a Wordpress Site
  2. I know how to speak English
  3. I know how to _____________

I am taking ..

  1. I am taking Literature classes
  2. I am taking research classes
  3. I am taking _____________

I have …

  1. I have a marketing certificate
  2. I have a business administration certificate
  3. I have a __________

I have …

  1. I can install Ubuntu
  2. I can create a webinar
  3. I can ___________

I have a major in…

  1. I have a major in English Teaching
  2. I have a major in Computer Science
  3. I have a major in ______________

I am terrible at…

  1. I am terrible at Math
  2. I am terrible at Chemistry
  3. I am terrible at ______________

I am good at …

  1. I am good at English
  2. I am good at Computers
  3. I am good at _____________

I graduated from …

  1. I graduated from Liceo de Nicoya
  2. I graduated from the Ulatina
  3. I graduated from ______________

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