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Milky Change

Milky Chance is one of my favorite bands. The band started in Germany and it has been active since 2012.

Their music can be described as alternative rock, electronic, reggae, folk and indie.

The first single was stolen dance and was released in 2013. The success has come with every song that they have released over the past few years. Another one of the band good songs are Flash Junk Mind and Bad Things.

Milky chance is made up of Clemens Rehbein, Philipp Dausch and Antonio Greger and Sebastian Schmidt when the band is on tour.

Now Milky Chance has started Milky Change a project to care for the environment in which they plant a tree for every concert ticket sold.

With this project 63011 trees have been planted so far. Their mission according to their blog is:

We, Milky Chance want to take a proactive stand towards the environmental emergency. OUR MISSION is to become environmentally sustainable in all of our activities. From recording our music in the studio to touring internationally, we will have to look into every detail of our practices.

Our planet is facing an environmental crisis.

You can check more about the project on


Answer these questions

  1. When did the band start?
  2. What type of music does the band make?
  3. What was the first single of the band?
  4. How many members does the band have?
  5. What’s the main idea of the article?
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