Exercise 003: Making an Order on the Telephone

José Manuel

Read the conversation and answer the exercise

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Arthur: Hello, Arthur Speaking

Jane: Hello, I’d like to place an order for the third generation chromecasts.

Arthur : Certainly. How many do you want to order?

Jane: Quite a few. Do you have many available in the warehouse?

Arthur Mitchell: We keep a large supply.

Jane: I’d like 30 units. Can I get them before February 28th?

Arthur: Sure, this will take three days

Jane: How much is the order?

Arthur: It is $900, and you get free shipping

Jane: great

Arthur: How would you like to pay?

Jane: I will use Paypal.

Arthur: I will send you the invoice to your email address. What’s your email address?

Jane: My email is jane@gmail.com

Arthur: Okay. You can expect the email within 5 minutes or so

Jane: Thank you for your help.


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