Writing Task: Healthy Living 01 (11th)

José Manuel

Think about yesterday and answer these questions by saying yes or no

YesterdayYes / No
Did you have a piece of bread for breakfast?
Did you have sugar in your coffee?
Did you drink a glass of milk?
Did you drink five glasses of water?
Did you eat any fruits?
Did you eat any vegetables?
Did you eat any sweets or chocolates?
Did you go for a run?
Did you do any exercises?
Did you get up before 8:00 a.m?
Did you go to bed before 11:00 p.m?
Did you watch TV for more than two hours?
Did you play video games for more than two hours?
Did you check social media for more than two hours?

Table of Contents

Exercise #1

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Exercise #2

Now answer five of the questions you analyzed before

For example

QuestionDid you eat any fruit?
AffirmativeI didn’t eat any fruits
NegativeI ate an apple yesterday

Now it is your turn to answer some questions

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