Grammar Task: Second Conditional Sentences

Second Conditional Sentences

  1. If I ___________ (have) a million dollars, I ___________ (travel) around the world.
  2. If I. ________ (be) fluent in French, I _________ (move) to Paris.
  3. If I ______________ (have) more free time, I _________ (learn) to play the guitar.
  4. If I _____________ (win) the lottery, I __________(buy) a beach house
  5. If I __________ (be) the president, I _____________ (prioritize) education.
  6. If I ___________(had) a magic wand, I _____________ (eliminate) poverty.

Third Conditional Sentences

  1. If I _________ (study) harder, I____________ (pass) the exam.
  2. If I ________ (take) that job offer, my career ____________ (be) completely different.
  3. If I ___________ (listen) to my friend’s advice, I ______________(make) that mistake.
  4. If I ____________(save) earlier, I ___________(could, go) on a trip around the world.
  5. If I ____________(arrive) on time, I____________(miss) the beginning of the movie.
  6. If I _____________ (know) the recipe, I __________ (could, cook) a delicious meal for the party.
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