Exercise: Situations I Regret

To AwardRequirement
To SuggestProfit
To PartnerHowever
To DeclineAware
To Find outAmount
To EarnFinancial Losses
To InsistCampaigns
To wasteNetwork
To JugglePeers

Read these situations and write a sentence to express that you regret not taking action.

  • Although I was awarded a scholarship to study in the United States, the requirement for admission was to have a C1 level of proficiency, which I did not meet as I only have an A2 level.
  • When my friend suggested partnering for a business, I declined at the time. However, I recently found out that he is earning an annual profit of 25 million colones.
  • After completing my major, I immediately began juggling two formal jobs and taking on numerous freelance projects from home. However, after two years, I found myself unable to keep up with the workload as both my mental and physical health began to deteriorate.
  • When I was a university student, I didn’t care much about my major. Now, it’s difficult for me to find a job because I have a small network and my peers don’t have much faith in me.
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