Exercise: The Life of a Rooftop Solar Installer

Let’s take a look in the life of a rooftop solar installer

But before you diving, let’s check some vocabulary

#1Set up
#3Wiring Systems
#5Take a shower
#6Get Dressed
#7Load the vans
#9Finish work
#10Get back

Daniel: Solar Panel Installer

Rooftop Sollar Installer

I am Daniel and I am solar panel installer.

I set up (1) solar panels on roofs (2) and structures to convert solar power into renewable energy.

I am also responsible for maintaining solar panels and make sure the wiring systems (3) are safe (4) and efficient.

I wake up around 7 then I take a shower (5) and get dressed (6)

After that, I have a cup of coffee for breakfast.

At 8 I drive for 45 minutes and I get to my office

At 9 My team and I load the vans (7) with all the equipment and materials we need.

We go to client’s homes and start installing the racking (8) first.

We have lunch around 12

Then we install the solar panels during the afternoon

We finish work (9) around 4

We get back (10) to the office and prepare the inventory for next day installations

I get back home around 6

I read a book or watch a movie and I go to bed around 10


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