Exercise 005: Jason’s Life

Jason is really interested in learning more about his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

He brainstormed his ideas in a piece of paper and these are his ideas.

  1. I have a master degree in business administration
  2. I don’t like to work hard for my goals
  3. There are many companies in my town
  4. There is little demand for my services.
  5. I have loyal customers
  6. I know graphic design and programming
  7. Social networks can help me expand my brand.
  8. I am always punctual
  9. I can learn languages easily
  10. There is a lot of competition in my field
  11. There are five public universities where I live
  12. I am a very responsible employee
  13. There are many computer engineers in my town
  14. Lots of successful managers know me
  15. There aren’t many job opportunities in my town

As you can see he wrote down many ideas but he is not quite sure which ones are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Before you help Jason what’s the meaning of these words

Social networksdegree
loyalwork hard

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