Exercise: Inviting Sasha to a Party

José Manuel

Read this conversation between Sasha and James.

First Email

Hello Sasha

I am writing to let you know that we are having a big party in Derek’s apartment.

We are gonna have so much. Mike is gonna be the DJ and he is all about electronic music.

Ryan is coming, Linda is also coming and your favorite person too.

Feel free to bring your friends, Invite Liza please. She is so much fun.

Tell them to bring something, food or drinks.



Second Email

Hi James

It seems like we are gonna be so much fun and yes I am bringing Liza with me.

Do you have a crush on her or what?

You forgot something important , when? what time?

Take care buddy


Third Email

Hello Sasha

Liza is coming with you. Yessss. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, isn’t she?

The party is tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Do you know where Derek’s Apartment is?



Fourth Email

Hi James

Liza broke up with her boyfriend a long time ago, she is a nice lady

She told me that you are really cool, maybe you have a chance.

I don’t remember where Derek’s apartment is. Send me the location via whatsapp.

Is your brother back from Boston?



fifth Email

Hi Sasha

LIza is awesome and very smart, tell her I said that.

I don’t have your whatsapp number, this is mine 6574-6532, So send me a message anytime your want before tomorrow night .

Yes, My brother is here.

Let’s continue talking via whatsapp.

Writing emails is so old school


True or False

Read the sentences and discuss if the statements are true or false.

Indicate the number of the email that helped you know whether the statement was true or false

  1. James doesn’t have sasha’s phone number.
  2. James thinks that communicating via email is outdated
  3. Liza is not coming to the party.
  4. Sasha knows James’ brother
  5. The party will have rock and rap music
  6. Sasha doesn’t know the location of the party
  7. James’ brother was in Boston
  8. People invited to the party should bring snacks
  9. The party starts at 9
  10. LIza doesn’t have a boyfriend
  11. James thinks that Liza is boring
  12. Derek will be the DJ

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