Exercise 003: Frank’s Trip to Hawaii

José Manuel

Read Frank’s Trip to Hawaii and complete the exercises

My name is Frank, I went to Hawaii last year, I flew to Hawaii with my girlfriend. We celebrated our two year relationship there.

We did a lot of activities in the beach, Hawaii is really beautiful. We did surfing and we played ball with lots of other tourists.

we watched the whale and we did snorkeling with other friends who accompanied us.

We saw the beauty of Hawaii and many cultural attractions. We paid for an helicopter trip.

We took some time and went to the local markets, we bought souvenirs for our families. My Girlfriend and I attended some shows during the nights, we spent 12 days, these were the best days of out lives

We enjoyed our trip a lot. We hope to go to Hawaii again.

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Now that you have read Frank’s trip to Hawaii, you have learned some new words and reinforced other.

Take some time to answer this exercise

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