Exercise: Energy Engineering Students

Read and learn more about these university students and answer the questions below.

My name is David, I like to play video games and I like to eat Pizza. I am 18 years old. I live in Liberia. I have two dogs. Their name are roky and boby. I like traveling

My name is Alvaro. My favorite color is white. I like to do exercises and I also like to run. I live in Cañas and I love listening to music.

My name is Celeste. I love my family and I like spending time with them. My favorite is Pizza. I live in Nicoya and Black is my favorite color

My name is Bradley. I live in Cañas. I study Energy Engineering in the UTN. Sometimes I listen to music. I like to play soccer and sometimes I do some running. My father is a teacher.

My name is Yoilin. I live in Hojancha. I like to play soccer and do some cooking. I like going to the beach. I usually go to Carrillo, Samara and Islita. My favorite dessert is Ice cream.


Answer these questions taking into account the information the students give in their short introductions.

  1. Who didn’t reveal their place of residence?
  2. Who talked about food?
  3. Who likes traveling?
  4. Who mentioned their pets?
  5. Who likes to play and practice sports?
  6. What students mentioned their favorite color?
  7. What students mentioned video games?
  8. Who didn’t mention his or her family?
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