Exercise: Apologizing by Email

José Manuel

In this exercise, you will learn more about how to apologize by email to clients for problems related to the service and good they offer.

Read both emails carefully and pay careful attention to expressions such as:

  1. I regret to inform you
  2. We are deeply sorry

Answer the questions that you will find at the end of the post to make sure you understood what you read.

First email

Hello Laura

This is Sean from Dell, I regret to inform you that the order you placed has been cancelled.

You made a purchase online using a Paypal account however the purchase was rejected by our systems.

We refunded the amount of money to your Paypal account. You will see the funds back in your account within three business days.

I also would like to tell you that you can re-activate the order using another payment method such as debit or credit card.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions regarding this email, you can reply back or open a ticket in your Dell panel.

Best Regards

Sean Smith

second email

Hello Sean

Thank you for your email. I am going to use my debit card to make the purchase when I get the refund.

I don’t understand why my purchase with Paypal was rejected.

Best Regards



Hello Laura

This is Sean, I hope that you can still buy the items you needed.

The transaction with paypal was rejected because you used a VPN to make the purchase and we don’t accept Paypal as a payment method in all countries.

We are sorry for any inconvenience

Best Regards

Sean Smith


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