Exercise: Simple Past Verbs

Project Manager Tasks

My Name and Your Name

Speaking Task: Interview

Exercise: Professions 01

Exercise: Phrasal Verbs 01

Exercise: Holidays 06

Exercise: Future Plans 03

Exercise: Holidays 05

Twitch Streamers 01

Exercise: Holidays 04

Exercise: Future Plans 02

Exercise: Idioms 01

Exercise: Continuous 01

Listening Task: Recycle

Presentation: Wh-Questions

Exercise: Shopping 03

Exercise: Simple Future 03

Exercise: Shopping 01

Exercise: Halloween 01

Exercise: Waorani Tribe

Exercise: Christmas 01

Reading: The Maleku Tribe

Exercise: Holidays 03

Exercise: Animals 01

Exercise: Holidays 02

Exercise: Holidays 01

Exercise: Majors in English

Reading: David Guetta

Reading: The University

Reading: Milky Change

Reading: Job Benefits

Reading: Debate Topics

Reading: Right or Wrong

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