Reading: Debate Topics

Lectura en Inglés: Debate Topics

Lectura en Inglés: Debate Topics

James: I think that military service must be obligatory because we need to be ready in case there is war.

Liza: I don’t agree with you, we have to find solution to problems peacefully.

Derek: I think that talking is good but we need an army in case there is a war.

James: I am in favor of legalizing recreational Marihuana

Liza: I don’t agree with you because teenagers will smoke more

Derek: I think we can try with medicinal marihuana First and later we can talk about recreational marihuana

James: I think that Smoking should be illegal, it is bad for health

Liza: It is bad for health but a prohibition will create more contraband

Derek: Liza is right, we don’t want the police arresting people because of a pack of cigarettes.

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