Controversial Topics: Polarization during the Elections

Check these words before doing the reading

Way tooHarm
ProudGet out of hand
WelfareOn the same page
Actually Believe

Choose Luis or Alejandro and practice this with a partner

  • Luis: Hi, How are you doing ?
  • Alejandro: I am doing fantastic
  • Luis: Did you watch the debate last night?
  • Alejandro: Of course I did
  • Luis: Do you support Mauricio? They guy is way too conservative.
  • Alejandro: Actually I do.
  • Luis: So you don’t care about women rights?
  • Alejandro: What do you mean exactly?
  • Luis: Can women decide over the bodies and have the right for abortion?
  • Alejandro: That’s complicated and sensitive topic.
  • Luis: How about Marihuana Legalization?
  • Alejandro: I think that can cause more harm than good
  • Luis: Amazing, what about LGBTQ rights?
  • Alejandro: I think things can get out of hand. I support traditional families
  • Luis: Wow, Would you describe as a pretty conservative person?
  • Alejandro: Yes and I am proud of it
  • Luis: I thought you were kinda liberal.
  • Alejandro: I believe in economic liberalism. do you?
  • Luis: Nope, I believe in social welfare programs such as free education and healthcare.
  • Alejandro: It seems that we are not on the same page.
  • Luis: Definitely not.
  • Alejandro: I gotta go , I have to continue writing a Python script.

Answer the following questions based on the dialogue

  1. How many controversial topics were discussed in the conversation?
  2. Do you think that we should have conversations like this at work?
  3. If you had been a third person listening attentively to this conversation, how would you have felt?
  4. As a third person , What follow – up question or comment would you have made?
  5. Can political views can divide people at work?
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