Reading: Chris works at the Bank


Lectura en Inglés: Chris works at the Bank


I am chris, I am 21 years old and I am recent graduate from the business administration major

I work for Forex, do you want to be your own boss?

I ‘m just kidding

I work for the BCR in Palmares, the bank is located near the park.

My position in the bank is Bank teller, I have to charge for bank products.

I also make transaction for clients

I usually work from 8 to 5, from monday to friday

I have saturdays and sundays off.

I like working in the bank but sometimes clients are rude.

I think I have a good salary, I have paid vacations too so I have no complaints.

Sometimes I have to work overtime because there are many clients in the bank waiting for help.

I think that you need a degree but you can learn from co-workers so a degree is not 100% mandatory.

you need a lot of patience and you need to be careful with money because you have t pay for the missing money if you make a mistake.

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