Reading: Boruca Masks of Costa Rica

The history and traditions of Borucan masks began over 500 years ago, during  the Spanish Conquest

‘Diablito’ masks or little devil masks were created and worn with the intent to scare the unwelcome invaders back to Spain.

The Borucan people feel a great sense of pride knowing that they were triumphant in keeping the Spanish from conquering their land 

Exercise #1: Words

Let’s get ready for the reading about the Boruca Masks of Costa Rica

Do you know what these words mean?

Something Opportunity
Bring here

If you don’t find out what they mean with the help of a dictionary

Exercise #2: Sentences

These are some sentences that include some of the words from the reading

#1I like to live here
#2This is a good opportunity
#3I have another chance
#4I am going to the mountain
#5The city is beautiful
#6I need one good reason
#7I need two more participants
#8Let’s go to the city

Are they easy to understand?

Hopefully, you didn’t have a hard time understanding them, not let’s have the first exercise about the Boruca Masks of Costa Rica reading.

Exercise #3: Boruca Masks of Costa Rica

time for the third exercise

After you identify the 12 words said by the teacher, make sure that you understand them.

Exercise #4: Sentence Creation

Create a sentence with each six of the words highlighted in the reading

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