Exercise: Bangladeshi Culture

Read the sentences and analyze if these are things you should or shouldn’t do when visiting Bangladesh

  1. You should respect elderly people.
  2. You can talk freely about how much people make. It is an appropriate topic.
  3. You can criticize Islamism. Bangladeshis understand outsider views.
  4. You should expect the patriarch to make family decisions.
  5. You should bring expensive alcohol as gifts.
  6. You must invite Bengali people to eat Pork Products, They love pork.
  7. You shouldn’t open gifts in front of the giver.
  8. It is ok to compare Bangladeshis with Pakistani people. They are culturally and politically the same
  9. You should stand or sit close during conversations. The proximity between people is ok
  10. You can show public displays of affection
  11. You should avoid talking about Cricket. Bangladeshi are not into that.
  12. Don’t shake hands with a woman unless she offers her hand first.

Source: Bangladeshi Culture

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